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  The ARCS San Diego Chapter Private LinkedIn Group is making it easier to reach out to scholars to see how their careers are progressing. We are pleased to provide these updates.

Kelly Gullette Ross - Ph.D. Cell/Molecular Biology - San Diego State University, 2017
“ARCS provided an opportunity to meet great colleagues and share my work with scientists outside of the Biology Field”
Matt de Stadler - Ph.D. Engineering Sciences - UC San Diego, 2013
“Following graduation, I spent a year in the mechanics department at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden as a postdoctoral researcher. I decided to leave academia and moved to the Boston area. For the past three years, I have been working as an accuracy analyst at Draper. I do modeling, simulation, and analysis of guidance and navigation systems. Most of my work focuses on marine and aerospace applications although I've had the chance to work on several future-oriented research efforts. Being an ARCS scholar was a great honor. It made me feel supported in my work and made me more confident in my future. I enjoyed getting to know my ARCS sponsor, my fellow scholars, and the ARCS community. Thank you for all your hard work”.
Robert Snellman - Ph.D. Mathematics - UC San Diego, 2017
“My experience with the ARCS program was quite uplifting. I enjoyed the camaraderie of the other scholars along with the many experiences of sponsors and donors. I am currently teaching at UCSD while awaiting news regarding a visiting professorship position.”
John Tat - Ph.D. Molecular Medicine - Scripps Research, 2017
Dr. Tat is a Postdoctoral Researcher at UC San Diego School of Medicine. “I have the utmost appreciation. Sponsorship is not just salary for a Ph.D. student, but also an encouragement that the American public believes in what I do. ARCS encouraged me to press on regardless of the challenges because someone believed in me”.


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