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San Diego ARCS Scholar Comment

"Nowhere else in my graduate career has anyone taken the time and energy to pat me on the back and appreciate my efforts to improve the world through my scientific efforts as ARCS has done for me."

San Diego ARCS Scholar Comment

"It is an honor to be part of ARCS, an organization that brings together some of the most innovative minds and active individuals in science and society to create connections that cross disciplines and generations."

San Diego ARCS Scholar Comment

"In addition to benefiting the individual Scholars that you support, you are benefiting the community. In order to make scientific progress, it is important that scientists can interact with the broader public and provide benefits to the whole society..... By forming one of those vital connections, you encourage and directly support the scientific endeavors and are actively sharing the knowledge we are striving to attain.... This web you are helping to weave is crucial in societal and scientific progress. Thanks again for your generous support, which has enriched my graduate experience. It is always a pleasure to feel appreciated and encouraged."