2018-2019 ARCS Scholars

ARCS Scholars are pursuing graduate degrees and conducting research in a wide variety of disciplines such as Bioinformatics, Structural Immunology, Machine Learning, Signal Processing, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Genetics and Genomics, Computational Neuroscience, and Cardiology.



San Diego State University

John Allen Cell/Molecular Biology
Erik Blackwood - SDSU/UCSD Cell/Molecular Biology
Mariel Cardenas Chemistry/Biochemistry
Corey Clatterbuck Biology
Molly Clemens Ecology/Biology
Liwen Deng Cell/Molecular Biology
Joshua Kelly Geological Sciences
Lucas Luna Chemistry/Biochemistry
Brian Maniaci Chemistry
Megan Monsanto - SDSU/UCSD Cell/Molecular Biology
C.J. Pickett Biology
Winston Stauffer Cell/Molecular Biology
Pedro Torres - SDSU/UCSD Microbiology, Bioinformatics, Microbiome
Adriana Trujillo Cell/Molecular Biology
Janet Walker Ecology
Melissa Ward Marine Ecology
Joi Weeks Cell/Molecular Biology
Nicholas Williams Chemistry

Scripps Research

Rigo Cintron-Colon Chemical Physiology & Molecular/Cellular Neurosciences
Chris Cottrell Biomedical Sciences
Margarete (Daisy) Johnson Biology
Michael Ledbetter Biomedical Sciences
Samantha Spierling Biomedical Sciences

University of California, San Diego

Laura Chipman Biological Studies
Cody Carpenter Nanoengineering
Bethany Danskin Neurosciences
Rachel Diner Marine Biology
Margaret Donovan Bioinformatics & Systems Biology
Jennifer Dumdie Biomedical Sciences
Peter Edge Bioinformatics
Jaclyn Einstein Bioengineering
Mickey Finn Nanoengineering
Shereen Ghosh Biomedical Science/Neuroscience
William Greenwald Bioinformatics
Kevin Kaufmann Nanoengineering
Andrew Kleinschmidt Nanoengineering
Ashley Kroll Biomedical Nanotechnology
David Leon Physics
Chi-Wei Man Chemistry and Biochemistry
Ryan Marina Biomedical Sciences
Jessica Ng Climate Sciences
Victor Or Chemistry and Biochemistry
Jason Platt Physics
Homa Rahnmoun Biological Sciences
Robyn Ridley Materials Science & Engineering
Marino Romero Mathematics
Dimitri Schreiber Electrical Engineering
Benjamin Shih Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Tam T. Tran Neuroscience
Adam Weiss Mechanical Engineering
Emily Wheeler Biomedical Science
Andrew Ying Mathematics

University of San Diego

Byron Batz Nursing and Health Sciences
Nichole Martinez Nursing Sciences
Allison Perkins Nursing and Health Sciences
Brooke Rakes Nursing and Health Sciences
Joi Weeks, Ph.D Candidate in Cell/Molecular Biology
"Acceptance of this award means that I don't have to worry so much about my finances and that I can now use that energy in a more productive way, such as focusing on my research."
Michael Ledbetter, Ph.D. Candidate in Biochemistry
"Given the cost of this city, ARCS helps ensure that money is not a concern for me while I complete my training.."